" I took home some skin script products and am loving it so far!"

-Denise H.


ILike Organics

The entire line of Ilike organic skin care treats both the skin and the senses by combining the highest quality certified organic Hungarian ingredients with ages-old secrets of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Pure Certified Organic products, ingredients and manufacturing processes, no use of parabens or other harmful synthetics, product base is pure cold pressed herbal pulp – not extract, to retain full efficacy of the herbs. The results oriented formulations and aromatherapy effects of Ilike organic skin care provide an experience that only skin care products from natural sources can provide.

Besides the 50 years of history, craftmanship and experience, the Ilike Organic skin care products embody several centuries of unsurpassed skin rejuvenation techniques unique to Hungary. Through half a century of practice and extensive research these potent, natural ingredients – formulated by secret recipes and processes – have demonstrated their therapeutic and beautifying effects resulting in clear, balanced and glowing complexions. We don’t use synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, fillers or other ingredients and never test our products on animals.

SkinScript Clinical Skincare

Skinscript uses natural fruit enzymes and peels with natural lighteners and preservatives. It incorpoRates glycolics, lactics, retinols, salicylics for a customizable skin care both professionally and at home. Skinscript is formulated to treat darker skin types that cannot be treated by a laser.

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