“WOW! Thank you for the extra special Microcurrent facial yesterday. What a fantastic time. Thank you for rejuvenating my skin. It (I) look illuminated. I enjoyed our visit so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Kik N.


What is Microcurrent facial revitalization?

Microcurrent Facial Revitalization is the practice of applying microcurrent electrical low frequency stimulation to the face and neck over wrinkles, muscle origins and selected acupuncture points, for the purpose of reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging, while enhancing the tone and texture of the skin.

Microcurrent electro-stimulation at low frequency is an ideal stimulus for facial rejuvenation:

• All body functions are governed by electrical systems.  This includes muscle contractions and relaxations, nerve function, glandular secretions, brain activity, healing and regeneration, pain perception and much more.

• Research has shown that the acupuncture meridian system is rapidly balanced when stimulated with properly polarized microcurrents in the 1-10 Hz frequency range. The Microcurrent & Energy Light rejuvenation system utilizes such currents for facial stimulation.

What does energy light rejuvenation mean?

The body’s subtle energy system reveals that the cells and molecules which make up our bodies respond directly to light energy, affecting our communication pathways.  The colored lights are passed through the acu-points and meridian pathways of the face through the tissues to a cellular level. Light affects the pituitary gland of the endocrine system since it produces substances that regulate the hormones produced by the endocrine glands.  These glands control body functions including patterns of growth and sleep, temperature control, sexual drive and energy levels, metabolic rate and appetite.

What are meridians?

Meridians are a subtle energy communication system that inter-connects all parts of the body. 

What are the benefits of Microcurrent?

Treatments will stimulate the circulation of energy to the facial tissues and muscles. This in turn increases the rate that the skin produces proteins such as collagen and elastin and the rate in which muscle tissue can be re-constructed.  Treatments deal with both the skin and the supporting muscle tissue beneath it restoring form and vitality to tissues that have gone soft due to lack of use and lack of circulation. Promotes total well being and relaxation

How often should I receive treatment?

Microcurrent is an exercise program to keep skin toned, texture healthy and circulation increased. Patients in their late 20’s-30’s can use this as a preventative treatment to slow their aging process (it keeps the skin healthy by working at the cellular level). Great to treat prior to special occasions (weddings, holidays, parties). *Suggested: 10-20 treatments consecutively *First 4-6 treatments ideally twice per week * Maintenance booster monthly thereafter.

Who should not receive Microcurrent?

Anyone with epilepsy/seizures/active cancer patients/Pregnant patients/herpes outbreaks/bleeding areas/extreme rosacea.